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    Therefore, China lubricating oil co., LTD. Is a total investment8Be sure,With annual production capacity10Ten thousand tons of oil,Realize the profit tax500The large zero pollution professional manufacturing enterprise of ten thousand yuan of above。Company is located in jingmen Duo knife area chemical recycling industrial park,Always cover54m(The net40m),Products covered car oil、Motorcycle oil、Construction machinery oil、Special lubricants、Non-freezing fluid、Processing oil、Industrial oil、Car care products such as oil field of chemical industry200A variety of products,Is one of the large oil super production enterprises 。
    The company various series product all select the efficient composite additives and South Korea ssangyong's high quality base oil,Through the strict production process and。Strict quality management system,High-quality management personnel and good quality of work,The company can provide all kinds of production in time and quality product......


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Address:Jingmen Duo knife area207National highway(Chemical circulation industrial park) 
Tel : 0724-2224898
Contacts:Peng manager

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